Three-stage model for more quality and sustainability

Coordinator / Supervisor / Auditor


  • The competitive situation in the hotel and tourism sector has changed drastically. Increased demands and expectations of tourists, guests and customers as well as fierce competition force us to act.
  • Hotel, restaurant and tourism businesses have to adapt their service quality standards to the high and changing expectations of tourists, guests and customers.
  • Continuous training of hotel & tourism staff is essential to maintain service quality and further develop environmental & quality management.

Description of our three-step model:

  • Our continuing education consists of a logically complementary stage model.
  • Each level includes specialised courses related to service quality, hotel marketing, environmental and quality management.
  • At the end of each level there is an examination preparation and an official quality management examination according to ISO 9001 to become a representative, manager and auditor.

Target group:

  • Employees from hotel, restaurant and tourism businesses who are interested in further training with......
  • A completed apprenticeship or comparable degree or at least 3 years of professional experience in the hotel and restaurant industry or tourism sector.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages
  • PC and Internet skills, access to the Internet.  

Career opportunities:

  • Private hotels and brand hotels
  • Vocational schools/ training providers
  • F & B Quality - Controller
  • Wholesale markets / suppliers / hotel suppliers
  • Public administrations
  • Quality representative / manager / int. auditor
  • Supervisor in housekeeping
  • Supervisor in the hospitality industry
  • Associations, clubs and chambers
  • Communal catering / canteens
  • Old people's and nursing homes 
  • Catering and flight catering
  • Food industry

I Level: Quality & Sustainability Coordinator 

II Level: Quality & Sustainability Supervisor 

III Level: Quality & Sustainability Auditor