Certified Restaurant Manager

Certified restaurant manager

The primary objective of this (online) continuing education programme:

  • Is to expand and deepen your professional knowledge in restaurant management.
  • The training teaches proven quality management, efficient leadership and communication tools as well as environmentally friendly restaurant standards.
  • As a "homework" a restaurant management - concept will be developed.

Benefits of the training:

  • Effective structuring of the daily demanding work processes, smooth communication with colleagues as well as optimisation of the processes in the restaurant area.
  • The development of a sustainable and environmentally friendly management concept for restaurant operations leads to cost reduction and time saving.

Target group:

  • Are owners, managers, restaurant directors,
  • executives and junior staff from catering businesses,
  • restaurants and community catering.


  • Restaurant marketing
  • Management techniques
  • Communication techniques
  • Sustainable quality standards in restaurant management
  • Sustainable quality standards for restaurant operations
  • Final examination and presentation of a restaurant management concept 

Further information:

  • Questions and consultation / mentoring
  • Certificate of participation in German, English or Spanish
  • Date: to be agreed with the participants
  • Title: Certified Restaurant Manager (GHI)