Quality Manager according to ISO 9000

Audit of the QM system


Participants of the Quality Auditor Course receive detailed information on how they, as Internal Auditors, have to check a QM system for conformity to standards (ISO 9001) and how they can prepare a company for an External Audit (ISO 9001 and 19011) so that the organisation passes audits successfully. The advanced training course ends with a final examination by CERTQUA (DIHK). After passing the exam, participants receive a certificate with the title "Quality Auditor - Service Management" according to DIN-EN-ISO 9000 ff.

Contents of the QA further training:

  • Audit focus
  • Implementation of ISO 9001 in service organisations
  • Audit planning (ISO 19011)
  • Standard-compliant audit documents
  • Audit preparation & audit

Target group:

Quality representatives and quality managers from service organisations who have already introduced quality management, want to review and optimise their own as well as prepare for an external audit.