Certified Executive Housekeeper

Certified Housekeeper 

  • The main objective of this (online) training is to broaden and deepen your professional knowledge in housekeeping management.
  • The training teaches proven housekeeping methods, efficient management and communication tools, environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection techniques as well as the implementation of verifiable Corona strategies. A housekeeping concept is developed as a "homework assignment".
  • Benefits of the training: Effective structuring of the daily demanding work processes, smooth communication with colleagues as well as optimisation of the entire cleaning processes in the hotel area. Development of a housekeeping concept for the company that can be implemented immediately.
  • Target group: Housekeeping staff with management responsibility, housekeepers and their substitutes, housekeeping supervisors and controllers from hotels, hostels, retirement and nursing homes.


  1. Housekeeping Management (6 units)
  2. Management techniques for housekeeping staff (4 units)
  3. Communication techniques in housekeeping (4 units)
  4. Cleaning and disinfection according to DIN 10516 (3 units)
  5. Coronavirus hygiene measures (3 units)
  6. Final examination (multiple choice, 90 minutes) and
  7. Presentation of a housekeeping concept (homework)

Further information:

  • Certificate of participation in German, English or Spanish
  • Date: to be agreed with the participants
  • Title: Certified Executive Housekeeper (GHI)