Quality manager according to ISO 9000

Further development of the QM system


  • Participants of the quality manager course receive detailed information on international quality management according to ISO 9000 ff and concrete examples of implementation from practice. In this way, they can improve and optimise the structures and processes of their quality management system.
  • The advanced/continuing education course ends with a final examination by CERTQUA (DIHK).
  • After passing the examination, participants receive a certificate with the title "Quality Manager - Service Management" according to DIN-EN-ISO 9000 ff.

Contents of the QM further training:

  • DIN-EN-ISO 9001 auditing

  • GPM, optimisation of processes

  • Quality indicators & quality promotion

  • Total Quality Management

  • Exam preparation & examination

Target group:

  • Quality representatives, specialists and managers from organisations and service companies who already know quality management systems and want to review and optimise their own.