Founders and partners

  • Founder: Frank Christian Höchsmann; Is a business economist and quality auditor (according to ISO 9000 ff). He can draw on many years of international experience as a quality representative, manager and auditor. Over the years he has worked for international companies and organisations. In the course of his career, he has been a trainer for more than 9,000 specialists and managers. Focus: Quality and sustainability management, international project management.
  • Founder: Martha Cecilia Höchsmann; Is a business economist and quality manager (according to ISO 9000 ff). Supervises quality management at Hotqua and reviews technical and teaching material. Research and market analysis 
  • Martha & Frank Höchsmann are the authors of numerous manuales on quality, hygiene and service management.
  • Dr. Ing. Elisabeth Strecker; Is a lecturer in environmental management and integrated management at the TU - Berlin. She works for Hotqua on international projects. Focus: Integrated management in English.
  • Alex Marinucci: He is a hotelier, has managed hotels and is currently a professor of hotel marketing. Over the years he has been responsible for resorts and luxury hotels. Focus: tourism and hotel marketing, workshops and coaching for hotel employees.